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Since our beginnings, we specialize in medical tourism in Turkey. We offer our foreign patients the possibility of organizing their travel and surgery so that they can take advantage of their visit to relax and travel around Turkey, organizing every aspect of their stay from the moment they get off the plane until their departure. Our program consists of 9 very simple steps:

Second Step: Contact Us

You can contact HealthGo Travel through this website or by phone. We will ask you to send us 3 photos of the areas to be treated (front and profile) so that the doctor can examine them. Although we cover all prior medical examinations, we always suggest that our patients have them before traveling. This will ensure your eligibility for the desired treatment.

Third Step: Contact the Surgeon

After you have sent us all the requested information, we will forward the photos and tests to the doctor. He and his team will review the photos and tests to confirm that you are fit to carry out the treatment in which you are interested. Finally, we will send you an approximate cost of the package along with the length of stay and all kinds of recommendations.


Fourth Step: Patient Confirmation

Once you have all the information and the price of the package, you will have time to think and you will have to get rid of all the doubts you have so far. We recommend that you do not undergo any treatment with any doubts or unanswered questions. You should send us an email with anything you want to ask us.
Step Four: Confirmed Reservations
Once you have decided to come, we will confirm the date of the treatment and you must make the first payment. After that, we will take care of hotel reservations and transfers, to organize your surgery and your stay in the best way possible.

Fifth Step: Your Arrival in İstanbul

Once you arrive at the İstanbul International Airport, a HealthGo Travel personal assistant will welcome you and transport you to the Hotel in a private vehicle. Your personal assistant will give you a cell phone so that you can contact him whenever you want. He will be aware of the schedules and details of your trip to accompany you and make you feel comfortable during your stay. The rest of the payment must be made


Sixth Step: Last Consultations before Treatment

Before performing the requested procedure, you must complete your medical examinations. After that, HealthGo Travel will schedule all pre-operative consultations with your surgeon and anaesthetist. They will answer all of your questions and you must agree to the expected results of the surgery. Together they should discuss the different alternatives and you should show that you understand the risks of the intervention.

Seventh Step: Medical Treatment

Once all the medical examinations and the meetings with the surgeon and the anaesthetist have been completed, the treatment will be carried out the following morning.
Your bilingual assistant will transport you to the clinic and make sure you are relaxed and ready for surgery, they will also be there when you wake up from anaesthesia.

Eighth Step: Recovery

After the surgery, the doctor will give you several indications about the recovery that you should have. During the first few days, it is common for you to feel discomfort and perhaps pain. We recommend that during these days you follow exactly the doctor's instructions regarding food, drinks, rest, etc.

Ninth Step: Homecoming

Finally, in the last consultation with your surgeon, the stitches will be removed (if they were applied) and you will be granted a medical authorization by the doctor to return to your country. Your bilingual assistant will pick you up and transfer you to the airport for your flight home.
Once at home, we will keep in touch with you, since we consider that your recovery is very important. All types of follow-up medical consultations will be available either by email or by phone and if necessary consultations with doctors in your country.


HealthGo Travel provides first class medical treatments at the hands of highly qualified professionals. You wonder how it is possible that prices are so low? This is mainly due to two factors:
The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in European countries, the United States or neighbouring countries. Medicine is not exempt from this, which is why medical treatments in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries.
This, added to a convenient relationship in the exchange rate used in Turkey, due to our devaluation, make our prices so accessible.

How Do We Work
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