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Minimize your risk of diseases with HeatlhGoTravel personalized check-up programs

You may feel that it is unnecessary to go to a hospital, visit your doctor or undergo tests while you are feeling well. However, there are a variety of health risks faced by everyone. Factors from your habits to familial predisposition (e.g. family members suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.) can determine which health risks you face. This is where check-ups play a vital role in the early diagnosis of diseases. Spending a few hours having a check-up can provide you with all you need to know regarding your health and can prevent you from suffering serious health issues.

What are the benefits of having a check-up with HealthGoTravel in Turkey?
  • An experienced team of healthcare experts who closely follow the most recent developments and research in medicine.

  • Being the first laboratory in Turkey to be awarded the ISO 15189 certification.

  • The results of the check-up are evaluated face to face with utmost care and diligence.

  • Services included in the check-up package can be obtained at different locations thanks to integrated operations throughout the Group.

  • Examinations, blood tests, and EKG services are carried out at specially designated check-up areas.

  • International patients can be provided with a translator if necessary.

  • The results of the check-up and doctor’s report are recorded digitally.

  • Patients are accompanied by a check-up official during the process.

  • Patients can receive the results of their check-up at all Healthcare hospitals and medical centers.

  • There are private VIP lounges located within the check-up area at the hospital.

While waiting for your Check-up results you may:
  • Use the internet to check your e-mail.

  • Keep up with the news by watching TV, reading newspapers and magazines.

  • Breakfast and other complimentary food and beverages offered after your tests provide comfort during the few hours you will spend for your wellbeing.


Make sure to come on an empty stomach (10-12 hrs. fasting is required). In this period, please do not drink anything other than water.

  • If you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy, please contact your physician.

  • Please do not use medication including iron or Vitamin C.

  • In the last 2 days, please do not consume nutrition such as red meat, licorice, beetroot, spinach, chard, radish, and broccoli

  • For women, it is advised that check-up not be done during menstruation.

  • Please bring along with you your tests and examinations (if any)

  • If the program you have chosen includes Stress ECG, you will have to stop any kind of medication before doing the Stress ECG:

a) Medicine which must be stopped 1 day before Stress ECG :
  • Beta blockers (Tensinor tb, beloc tb, concor tb etc.)

  • Calcium canal blockers (Isoptin tb, diltizem tb etc.)

  • Nitrates (Monoket tb, monolong tb, etc.)

b) Medicine which must be stopped 1 day before Stress ECG :
  • Digoxin tb.

  • Please bring your sportswear and sports shoes when coming for Stress ECG

The opportunity for early diagnosis with our check-up programs

Which Check-up program is suitable for you?

HealthGoTraveloffers standard check-up programs which differ depending on age and gender. The programs also incorporate and examine your lifestyle, personal traits and familial predisposition. The data reveals which health risks you are likely to face and you are then presented with a check-up program which takes these factors into consideration. This ensures the prevention of probable diseases developing while minor ailments are treated before they develop into something more serious.

  • Standard age below 40 age above 40

  • Ahg standard check-up panel 2012

  • Ahg female check-up age below 40 panel 2012

  • Male check-up age below 40 package 2012

  • Ahg female check-up age between 40-50 panel 2012

  • Ahg male check-up age between 40-50 panel 2012

  • Ahg female comprehensive check-up age above 40 panel 2012 (age above 50)

  • Hg male comprehensive check-up age above 40 panel 2012 (age between 40-50)

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