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Thermal Tourism
Spa Pool

Turkey 1st in Europe in terms of thermal sources, and is 7st in the world. There are also 190 hot springs in 46 cities.


The ancient Romans discovered the therapeutic powers of Turkey's many thermal springs. Turkey offers the ultimate relaxation and spa experience, reflecting its unique geological and historic make up where over 1000 thermal springs abound and where the traditional Turkish hammam and massage treatments have been perfected over thousands of years.

Turkey has over one thousand thermal springs, scattered throughout western Anatolia. The spa holiday with its pampering and its health and beauty treatments may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but the health giving properties of Turkey's natural springs have been renowned since antiquity. The Romans were well aware of the therapeutic powers of thermal springs andmineral waters, building the ancient city of Hierapolis close to the waters of Pamukkale.


Drinking cure which is made from natural mineral healing water at certain days and doses affects health very positively. It is known that our drinking cure has direct effects on the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas and urinary tract through having indirect effects on metabolism. Thus, while it helps in the areas such as decreasing blood glucose and cholesterol, passing kidney stone, increasing liver’s biligenesis, healing stomach diseases, enabling digestion, eliminating constipation, getting rid of enterozoa and extra kilos; it creates miraculous effects in skin health and beauty.


Your health is important to us. Our specialist doctors and physiotherapists in SPA Section provide support with alternative treatment methods such as massage and therapies to strenghten your body resistance and make you feel good spiritually.
Thermal Pool, Jaccuzi,  Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Bath, Massage Rooms, Salted Room and  Peloide Rooms men and women are being served seperately. Special Family Baths are designed to make your stay enjoyable and fun.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center also offers hydrotherapy treatment and 1120 m2 in size and has
• 1 Consultation and Check -Up  Room, 
• 3 Doctor Examination Rooms,  
• 1 Emergency Room, 
• 3 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Rooms,
• 1 Medical Fitness Studio,
• 1 Traditional and Complementary Medicine Applications Center,


Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of physical disorders for the reason that it helps to reduce the weight of the joints and muscles and control the pain. The exercises in water that is conducted by specialist physiotherapists and hydro therapists are used in order to treat many diseases and disorders. Thermo-mineral water used in our therapy pools not only increases the effect of exercises, but also
enables to regain the precious minerals that the body lost through absorption.


You can increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles with the Pilates and Reformer exercises in our center where the equipment with state of the art technology is used. You can improve your body capacity through activating core muscles in the fields of natural posture position of the body, durability, physical strength and overcoming disability. You can enjoy living a healthy life by doing sports in cozy saloons in winter season and in greens in summer season with breathing the fresh air and you can also protect your body health and soul
stillness at İstanbul Medical Thermal.


After performing the detailed body analysis (body mass index, edema, protein and mineral amount, metabolic rate, regional and general musclefat ratios) with our In-body 120 that combines technology with the experience, your nutrition program suitable for your personal needs and lifestyle, prepared by our expert dietitians in our kitchen meticulously. 
Regular appointments
and trainings with our dietitian each week provides a sustainable and healthy nutrition program.



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