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We stand by our heroes who fight cancer.

Turkey hospitals contain every necessary resource for effective diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancers.

When it comes to cancer, Turkey provides state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment and palliative care.  

These services are provided according to a multidisciplinary approach of a comprehensive cancer center, including the principal specialties for diagnosis and treatment in this area of medicine, namely Nuclear Medicine, Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy.  Other medical specialties with expertise in particular types of oncological disease will collaborate with the cancer center, depending on the organ system affected. With regards to radiotherapy, Turkey has linear accelerators with potential to perform image-guided single-dose radiotherapy, as well as IMRT. We perform brachytherapy, intraoperative brachytherapy in low-risk breast cancer, as well as Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery for injuries of the central nervous system. Surgical treatment is performed  by highly differentiated, internationally known surgeons in technologically advanced operation theatres, including ORs prepared for minimally invasive surgery including robot-assisted surgery.

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