Sani Konukoğlu, who faced the difficulties caused by the lack of a modern health center equipped with modern technology in Gaziantep, started the establishment of SANKO University Hospital in 1993 and continued his studies until he passed away in 1994. SANKO University Hospital, which was put into operation by the family that realized Sani Konukoğlu's ideal, in August 1996, is one of the biggest health institutions brought to our country today.



The largest of the Southeast Anatolia Region, which is the 6th largest city in Gaziantep, Turkey; Built by Fakılı and Derundere families in 2017 in accordance with the modern hospital understanding, in the center of Gaziantep; On a total of 12 thousand m2 open area, on the route of public transportation; In an environment that gives peace and confidence to its patients, it has been put into service as Defa Life hospital.



Anka Hospital, which started operating in Gaziantep in the last quarter of 2016, has a specialist physician staff, advanced medical technology, fully equipped diagnostic centers and By adopting a multidisciplinary patient care approach, it aims to introduce Gaziantep and surrounding provinces with a new service concept. Anka Hospital in a closed area of 13000 m2Fully equipped General intensive care with a capacity of 75 beds, new intensive care operating room, delivery room, imaging center and laboratory prepared using the latest technology has adopted the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing you with better service with its unit.



Private Hatem Hospital was first named as SET ENT Medical Center in 1996, Ear Nose Throat Specialists Dr. Temur Bülbül and Dr. It was founded by Halil Necksuz. In 2003, our physicians started construction works for the new building, in response to the intense demand of the local people. In the following years, the hospital was transformed into a general hospital due to the lack of compliance with the legislation. The institution whose construction was completed in June 2006; It started to serve under the name of Private Hatem Hospital and with a bed capacity of 21. The hospital, which rapidly increases its success momentum in the future; by adding 6 Adult Intensive Care Units (2nd Level) and 15 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (3rd Stage) to Skin (Dermatology), Brain and Nerve Surgery (Neurosurgery), Cardiology, Endoscopy and Chest Diseases departments, reaching a total capacity of 59 beds.

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