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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Calcification problem is solved with Robotic Knee Surgery. Technological advances led to robotic knee surgery. Very high success rate

The problem of arthritis in the knees negatively affects the lives of people over the age of 55. While surgery is the last resort for the disease, which consists of four stages, successful results have been obtained in the operations performed with Robotic Surgery in recent years. Manual knee replacement surgeries in the past years have been replaced by Robotic Knee Surgery.

Technological advances led to robotic knee surgery

“As it is known, technology is developing rapidly and medicine is trying to keep up with this technology. In terms of orthopedics, the search for using technological developments in medicine led to knee prosthesis. In the previous years, knee and hip prostheses were applied to all patients with the system called manual system. Operations were performed based on certain reference points. We have seen that there were dissatisfaction rates of up to 30 percent in the surgeries performed. These dissatisfaction prompts us to investigate. As the knee structure of every patient is not the same and the reference points are insufficient, our searches led us to Robotic Knee Surgery.

Special prosthesis is prepared for the patient

we introduce the patient's knee structure to the robot. The device examines the entire bone structure of the patient and provides us with data specific to the patient's structure. In the light of the data presented, a special prosthesis is prepared for the patient. During the surgery, we stimulate the knee prosthesis. With this stimulation, we see issues such as flexion, excitation, tension, and looseness of the knee. The best data, mathematical data is presented to us by the robot. In line with these data, we place the prosthesis at the point where we achieve the best result.

Long-lasting results are obtained with robotic surgery

With this surgery, we remove the harmful tissues, we do not damage the patient's ligaments; Surgery is performed with bone incisions. Because a specific prosthesis is placed in the most accurate way with the data obtained, its life is longer. We place prostheses that are more suitable for the walking mechanics of the patient. This situation contributes to the recovery process of the patient standing up on the same day after the surgery. Most importantly, it ensures the longevity of the prosthesis. The implanted prosthesis can be used for 20-25 years.

Very high success rate

We apply various treatments for arthritis problems that occur in patients aged 55 and over. It is a last resort surgery in patients with knee calcification problems. The success rate is higher than manual operations. With Robotic Knee Surgery, it is observed that patients with arthritis in their knees recover faster.

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