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Why Turkey for Health

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Turkey's tourism, sea, history, nature, cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, brewed tea and coffee are more effective value until foamy: Healing, namely health tourism!

Health tourism, which gathers many areas such as medical (medicine), thermal (spa-wellness) and elderly care, is a service industry that serves millions of people worldwide and has an annual turnover of approximately 100 billion dollars.

Last five years, giving more weight to this area and every day shining star coming to Turkey to be treated around the year 400 thousand people in the world. First organ transplant, heart disease, bypass, bone marrow transplant, oncology, orthopedics, choosing to Turkey for treatment of serious illnesses such as spinal surgery

Why Turkey?

improving the physical conditions of the hospital, enabling with modern medical equipment and technology, the rise of quality in the services sector, of Turkish physicians to take place right on the top all over the level of the world is creating preferred because of Turkey. All of this under the supervision of Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. As an independent organization, JCI is an accreditation body of USA origin and the world's important and accepted accreditation. JCI audits healthcare facilities for compliance with more than 4,000 standards. with JCI accreditation in Turkey's 54 hospitals. While these hospitals meet criteria such as scientific competence and qualified health personnel, equipment and service quality, they also offer patients a few important advantages.

Cost: The most important factor. West, a by-pass 130 thousand dollars, while in Turkey the same quality, the same operation can be performed to 11 thousand dollars. In organ transplantation, this rate can be 1/4 or even 1/5.

Waiting time: The aging of the population and the long waiting times in treatment in Western countries push people to look for alternatives. For example, in some European countries, the patient sometimes waits for three months even for a serious surgery. It is also a factor that some treatments in Europe are excluded from insurance coverage. People say, "I will be on time for my treatment and take a vacation." he thinks

Ease of flight: Turkish Airlines, the global carrier flying to 303 destinations in 120 countries, has a great influence and power in this field. Most of the patients, who come from 3-hour flight points, prefer the short time and easy transportation.

Service: The transfer of patients from abroad and their accommodation are provided. In the treatment process, a touristic package is prepared in line with their requests.

Access: Patients come by searching the achievements and studies of Turkish physicians on the internet. Social media has a big impact.

Since health is the most important need, the success and reliability of health institutions and doctors come to the fore as an important factor before patients. Organ transplants, heart disease, cancer therapies, spine surgery hospitals in Turkey and the achievements of the doctors who work at the hospital level to compete with the world. This 2 million people in 2023 to come to Turkey for treatment of sufficient reason.

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